Grass fed Beef, grass-fed beef


Feasting on a array of nature’s finest offerings, our Red Devon and Angus cattle graze year round on our green pastures.  Management intensive grazing helps our grasses flourish in order to grow delicious and nutritious beef.

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Our pigs spend their days foraging and rooting through the grassy, wooded paddocks available on our farm.  With their help, new grass and plant life are constantly germinating in their environment.

chicken tractors


Our chickens roam the pasture in their mobile chicken tractors, offering them protection from predators & daily access to fresh grass & everything in the soil.  No antibiotics, hormones, or GMOs.


Nothing tastes sweeter than honey from your own backyard. Our honey is harvested from several hives on our farm, removed from the combs, and sold raw to keep the vitamins and nutrients intact.
Local Pickup

Customers can pick up all products from our Farm Store in Hartville or join one of our regional Buying Clubs to enjoy all of our offerings delivered to a convenient location near you.  You can even start a new Buying Club in your town!

Affordable Pricing

We make healthy, delicious, sustainably raised food that is competitively priced and many times even below market retail. Just because the supermarket charges an arm and a leg doesn’t mean we have to.

Family Raised

We are a family owned farm and sell only to our local communities.  Each member of the family is involved in some aspect of the business and we all take pride in what our farm has to offer.

So thankful we made the trip down! I was not disappointed! I got the amazing grass fed and finished proteins I've been searching for and met such wonderful people! Can't wait to share with anyone who will listen, lol! Keep doing what your doing!!!!

Teena F.

We have been buying meat from Harmon Creek Farms for a few months now and so far we have not been disappointed with anything we've tried! Their chickens are the best we've had from local farms. The bones and feet have made delicious broths as well 🙂 we only buy organic, pastured, and local when possible so this is a huge win for us!

Laura Z.

Kudos to Harmon Creek Farms for providing high-quality, unadulterated, and simply delicious meats and other products at an affordable price. No matter what I’ve tried -- farm fresh eggs, sweet raw honey, Alaskan salmon, grass-fed beef, or pastured chicken – Harmon Creek Farms’ foods are unsurpassed. It’s all good! Count me in as an ardent and loyal customer.

Jacci S.

Was very excited to find this farm on EatWild. Got a sample pack of beef and two dozen eggs this weekend and now I've even more excited. The cuts were great. They were the red color that real beef is supposed to be and cooked up well and tasted great. The eggs were also delicious with the yolks being much more orange is color than my store bought eggs. I got to meet one of the owners/farmers and she seemed like a nice person. It's always so nice to know where your food comes from. This was my first taste of Harmon Creek Farms but it won't be my last!

Jason R.

Marilyn and I started purchasing Harmon Creek Farms products at the Jackson Farmers Market this summer. We have enjoyed the burger and especially the chicken breast. We also tried the apple spiced chipotle pepper bacon. We fell in love with it and they continue to produce more of this bacon.

Bill E.